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Operation Theater Technology

Bachelor Of Operation Theater Technology

Operation theatre course aims to understanding the Ethics, Layout of Operation Theatre and Handling the equipment. They will provide assistance to Surgeons, Anaesthesiologists and Nurses. Main task of Operation Theatre Technician is to assist Doctors in Surgery, arranging surgical instruments before surgery, sterilizing instruments before surgery, carrying out Surgeons commands during surgery or emergency procedures and taking care of anaesthesia equipment. Operation Theatre Technologists are required across all hospitals who conduct surgeries such as General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Gynaecology Surgery and Urology etc.


Operation Theatre technicians are usually part of a team that consists of Doctors, nurses and other allied healthcare professionals of a hospital.
  • Bachelor of Science Degree courses – Eligibility : 10th, Duration : 3 years.
  • Diploma courses – Eligibility : 12th with PCB, Duration : 2 years.
Aim of this course is to teach and train students in management of operation theatre along with handling a variety of operating instruments including electronic and advanced equipment used in modern operation theatres.